Road-car Mapping

Our remapping service differs from that of others in that our extensive knowledge of engine development allows us to tailor our maps to suit each car and driver combination, not just a generic file transfer as offered by our competitors. This offers several performance benefits:-

  • it increases the engine performance.
  • it reduces fuel consumption- as more power is available at the same throttle opening, allowing the throttle to be closed for the same road speed, resulting in a fuel saving.
  • it tailors the torque curve to better match the engine characteristics.


We offer two stages of tune and one calibration for economy:


Stage 1 re-calibration

We optimize the ecu parameters of your vehicle to match your engine on our rolling road. The maps adjusted will include, fuel, VE curve, Ignition and boost control. All parameters are adjusted and kept within manufacturer’s guidelines, so reliability and warranty are still assured, whilst performance is transformed. Before and after dyno sheets are supplied along with our 7 day money back guarantee.


Stage 2 re-calibration

This optimizes the engine for those that have already made inlet and exhaust upgrades and further increases performance.


Economy re-calibration

This is developed purely with the focus on economy and has proved popular with our fleet customers delivering a measurable fuel saving with no performance detriment.


For more information or to book an appointment please contact Steven or Alan.

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